Introducing Tracee

Know your customer and engage with them like never before


    • Your customers receive their packages with your unique QR on it
    • They scan and sign up an account on your customised page
    • They confirmed receiving the product
    • They are now in your loyalty program!

What’s in it for you?

    • You can get insightful information about the customer behavior, and even geolocation (if allowed by customer).
    • You can engage with your customers via coupons, discount, announcement given over email or SMSes.

Post-Purchase engagement

Motivate your customers to scan the QR codes for discount codes or rewards. In return, you can continue to upsell them without additional marketing budget!

Membership / Loyalty Program

Continue to engage with your customer and make them your loyal followers. Make them feel excited with all the goodies they can get if they continue to purchase on your web stores.

Why Tracee?

Normal e-Commerce Process

e-Commerce with Tracee


Track Customer Behaviour

Similar to Google Analytics, now you are able to track customers' post-purchase behaviour such as how they engaged with your products.

Customizable Marketing Page

Limited by the product packaging space? Our built-in page editor allowed you to create a content-rich landing page, providing a more engaging customer experience.

Warranty System

Especially for electronic and luxury products, now your customers can register for warranty by just simply scanning your product.

Membership (Point system)

Now your customer retention efforts are more effective with our membership/loyalty program features.

Discount Codes

Make it attractive and rewarding for your customers to scan the product codes by offering freebies!

Anti -Counterfeit

Each product unit is paired with a unique code ID. Making it difficult for counterfeiters to abuse your brands.